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We know a trip to the dispensary can be overwhelming, there’s so much to choose from where do you even begin??

We’re here to help you find exactly what you need.


Sativa is uplifting and cerebral, enhancing creativity and productivity. They say it’s a better daytime go-to because of the productiveness energy. Sativa strains tend to smell sweet, fruity or spicy and more of a mind high.


Indica is relaxing, body heavy feel. It’s mostly chosen for the perfect nighttime strain because of the relaxed and calming effect. Indica strains emit that musty, earthy and skunky aroma and more of a body high.


Hybrid can be both uplifting and relaxing because hybrids are created by fusing indica and sativa. The flavor and aroma will also be a combination of combining the two strains. This means you get a more balanced effect throughout the body. A hybrid is like the best of both worlds in one strain.

There are many types of concentrates available from Wax, Live Rosin, Live
Resin to shatter, our budtenders will be able to help you choose the right
one specific to your needs. Exercise caution, as concentrates can be more
potent than flower. The key with any cannabis product is to start slow,
remember to microdose until you find the effect you’ve been waiting for.

Not everyone likes to smoke and to those of you who don’t, EDIBLES.

Start slow, micro dosing is always the key and journal your reaction to any new cannabis product.

Edibles can take 1-4 hours to take effect. Pay attention to the dosage so you can take the right amount for yourself.

With recreational one serving can be anywhere up to 10mg (take it slow!). A medical dosage could be anywhere up to 50mg or even more (when we say take it slow, we mean it).

Try not to take edibles on an empty stomach, they are best ingested after a meal. Remember, the effects of an edible can last up to 4-6 hours.

Not sure what flower or strain to pick and you don’t want to be stuck with something your not loving. Prerolls are a great way to explore different
strains and at affordable price. Prerolls are pre-rolled, ready and waiting to walk out the door with you. If you can’t commit to a specific strain of flower in bulk, a pre-roll could be the perfect solution.

Cannabis vaping is a alternative way of consuming cannabis by inhalation
with out the heat flame and smoke. Vaping is also another discrete way to
consume cannabis similar to edibles. Some say the oil-based vape pens
may possibly have more potency than cannabis flower.

Flower Potency

Don’t be fooled by potency results, cannabis affects everyone differently. Don’t be tricked by % rates of a strain, the higher the percentage does not always mean you will get a better effect. Based on terpenes and strains, the effects vary. Our budtenders will help you find the right strain based off what you’re looking for during your visit with us.


Terpenes are a naturally occurring compound found in trichomes. Terpenes have also recently been identified as a new frontier in cannabis as we learn about the large role a terpene has on the effects not just the aroma and taste.

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